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Markings & Pressure Washing

Tennis Court Lines and Markings

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Lines and markings are an important part of any playing surface, from tennis and netball courts to playgrounds and multi-use games areas (MUGAs). It's essential to ensure that they are clear, durable and resistant to slipping. Simply using an aerosol to spray coloured lines onto the ground - no matter what the surface - is not enough. They tend to blur, will fade in a relatively short time and offer far less grip than proper line painting.

Safe, colourful and durable line-painting

We use a number of line painting methods, either as part of the complete court coating and colouring process or as a stand alone service. Our lines are carefully applied to precise measurements and safety standards as set out by authorities and sporting governing bodies. We also work in collaboration with a number of companies to supply them with line-painting services, including court builders and repairers.

The best solution is to have your court lines applied by an experienced maintenance company like Premier Markings.